“Tongue-tie is an non-medical term for a relatively common physical condition that limits the use of the tongue, ankyloglossia. It is a congenital condition which leads to eating and speaking difficulties”


    • Difficulty lifting the tongue to the upper teeth or moving the tongue from side to side
    • Trouble sticking out the tongue past the lower front teeth
    • A tongue that appears notched or heart shaped when stuck out

    When to consult a physician?

    • Your baby has problems with latching on to your breast during breastfeeding.
    • Your baby is not satisfied after feedings or you are having severe nipple pain when breastfeeding.
    • You are concerned about whether your baby is getting enough breast milk or formula during feedings.
    • You find breastfeeding painful.
    • Your child has problems swallowing food.
    • Your child has problems saying some words or speaking.


    When the lingual frenulum (a small fold of mucous membrane extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue) does not separate from the bottom of the tongue during development. More commonly observed in boys.

    How is ankyloglossia treated?

    • Frenulotomy: The thinnest portion of the child’s frenulum is cut to release the tongue tip.
    • Frenuloplasty: The frenulum is cut and removed. The wound is then closed with stitches.

    Most experienced speech-language pathologists would conclude that frenulectomy is rarely indicated for speech reasons unless it is very severe or there are concomitant oral-motor problems

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    • ENT net
    • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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