Recently published results showed patients with isolated calcaneal fractures had an incidence of preoperative deep vein thrombosis that was almost twice as high as any reported in previously published examinations of lower extremity injuries.

Researchers compared 159 patients with isolated calcaneal fractures who had preoperative deep vein thrombosis (DVT) with a cohort of patients who did not have preoperative DVT. At least 7 days after injury, all patients had a preoperative duplex ultrasound performed, according to researchers.

Results showed 19 patients had preoperative DVT, with most DVTs presenting distally. Using multiple logistic regression with the presence or absence of a DVT as the outcome variable and patient or injury characteristics as the potential predictor variables, researchers found older age was a risk factor for DVT.

According to results, the odds of developing a DVT increased by approximately 6% for every 1-year increase in age. Researchers analyzed all other predictor variables, including BMI and sex, as continuous variables and found these were not statistically significant predictors.


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