Harmful electromagnetic waves collected by the implants may affect body conditions. Accordingly, testing for the adverse effects of electromagnetic waves is needed before dental implant surgery.

Case Presentation

  • A women aged 50 was presented with pain in her back, hip joints, neck, face, and legs as well as shoulder stiffness after a titanium dental implantation in the space left by the removal of her upper right molars.
  • When an active cell phone was brought close to the left side of her head while she was standing, her body showed no change. However, when it was brought close to the right side of her head, she leaned towards the cell phone.
  • During left straight leg raising (SLR) test – her left leg could be lifted to an angle of only approximately 80˚ and she felt tension and pain around her left hip joint when her right leg was lifted to an angle of approximately 90˚.
  • The abduction of her left hip joint was limited by pain and tension; therefore, her left knee could not touch the bed whereas her right knee could.

When the implants were covered with aluminum foil:

  • Her left SLR and hip joint rotation improved, her left leg could be raised to an angle of more than 90˚ in the SLR test after the removal of implants.
  • Her left hip joint rotation also improved; therefore, her left knee could easily touch the bed.
  • The implants were then removed on the right sid.

When the removed implants were placed on her chest – her left SLR and hip joint rotation decreased again owing to tension and pain. As soon as the implants were removed from her chest, her left hip abduction rotation increased.

dental imp_2

Final Treatment:

  • The dentist constructed a partial denture containing a gold and platinum alloy as prosthesis to compensate for the missing teeth.
  • Dental materials used for construction of the denture were determined using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test.
  • After this treatment, her body condition improved markedly and her prognosis was good. No side effects were shown. The symptoms described above did not recur.

Focus Point:

  • Owing to the severity of the possible adverse effects, it is important to confirm that no negative side effects are present before surgical procedures are performed.
  • If joint mobility decreases when implants are attached to the patient, the dental implant procedure should be avoided.
  • Moreover, if balance dysregulation, scoliosis, or involuntary body movement present when implants are attached to a patient during irradiation with electromagnetic waves emitted by a cell phone, the dental implant procedures should be avoided.
Yoshiro Fujii, Improvement of Systemic Symptoms after Dental Implant Removal, Open Journal of Stomatology, 2016, 6, 37-46.

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