Guava is a superfood with amazing hidden health benefits.

  • Guava is low on the Glycemic Index (GI) and has many disease prevention benefits, so it’s an extraordinarily healthy snack for diabetics.
  • Studies have shown that eating guava without its skin can reduce the sugar absorption in your blood.
  • Guava leaf extract tea can reduce the postprandial blood glucose elevation, and improve glucose and cholesterol levels.
  • Guavas are rich in dietary fiber which makes it a healthy and stomach-friendly fruit for diabetics and effective for lowering the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.
  • The fiber in guava also helps treat constipation which is very commonly faced by diabetics.
  • Guava leaf tea can be given to patients at high risk of developing diabetes to curb blood sugar spikes after meals.
  • In order to use the leaves you should dry them and crush them. After that boil in hot water so that all essential ingredients of leaves come out and then consume the mixture. It helps to reduce the sugar level and prevent diabetes as well.
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