Now-a-days the hair transplantation treatment is disappointing due to procedural issues e.g., the patient’s poor angle of implantation and poor layout of grafts by surgical assistants.

  • Preparation or isolation of grafts is solely performed by surgical assistants while these are highly sensitive and responsible parts of the procedure.
  • Unfortunately, it has been observed that at the time of dissection of the donor strip and also during follicular extraction most of the grafts are likely to be transected (if done by unskilled hands) or die off due to mismanagement of vital conditions.

Mismanagement of vital conditions hydration include:

  • Temperature control
  • Timely & correctly placing
  • Handling of grafts when being placed into recipient sites

Mishandling or crushing of grafts is also commonly practiced, especially, by trainee or unskilled surgical assistants.

  • Poor angle of implantation and poor layout of grafts as performed by 2-3 assistants from three different angles may cause serious aesthetic results.

Hence surgical assistants must be given proper training on the use of forceps, implanters, commonly used devices and also educational lectures on the anatomy of hair, scalp and follicular grafts along with other relevant technical skills, before allowing them to become a part of team.

Farooque A (2015) Clinical Management in Hair Transplant Industry. Hair Ther Transplant 5: 135.

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