Medications may induce a variety of different forms of mucocutaneous pigmentation, including melanosis.

  • Various drugs and heavy metals can induce oral and perioral pigmentation.
  • Proper evaluation, diagnosis and management of the patient are very necessary.
  • Discontinuation of causative agent is the best treatment regarding oral drug induced melanosis.
  • Dental prophylactic measures should be followed like proper oral hygiene maintainence and regular dental visits.

Drug induced Melanosis:

  • The chief drugs implicated in drug induced melanosis are antimalarials.
  • These medications are typically used for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.


  • Heavy Metal Pigmentation Increased levels of heavy metals (e.g., lead, bismuth, mercury, silver, arsenic and gold) in the blood represent a known cause of oral mucosal discolouration.
  • Complete local and systemic assessment of the patient should be performed prior to diagnosing these entities.
  • Discontinuity of causative agents will gradually normalize the hypermelanotic pigmentation.
Bhateja S, Bohra A, Arora G (2015) Drug Induced Oral Mucosal Pigmentation- A Review. Pigmentary Disorders 2:198. doi:10.4172/2376- 0427.1000198

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