There is a lack of literature that depicts a clear association between infertility and diabetes. This study addresses the connection between Y chromosome microdeletion and diabetic male infertility.

In this study:

    • Semen analysis of diabetic infertile men – revealed azoospermia to oligozoospermia
    • Semen analysis of normal men – normal count (>20 × 106/ml)
      • PCR analysis for Y chromosome microdeletions:
        • Of 6 oligoasthenozoospemic men,
          • 3 showed deletion in AZFc region (sY156)
          • 2 in AZFb region
          • 1 patient showed deletion of sY134 STS while the other showed deletion of sY100 STS marker
      • 1 azoospermic diabetic infertile man showed deletion in all the three regions (sY86, sY100, sY156) and another showed deletion of AZF b and c (sY100, sY156) regions only.
      • In oligozoospermic and asthenozoospermic diabetic men – No deletion found
      • Control men – No deletion found
      • Deletions of STS markers – correlated with severity of infertility
      • sY156 – frequently deleted in severe infertile cases
      • Least number of total Y chromosome deletions was observed in AZFa (8.33%) and AZFb (33%) region whereas maximum deletion was seen in AZFc (41.6%) region.
      • 41.6% of diabetic infertile men showed deletion of sY156 marker

STS marker can be used to find the gene that is deleted either upstream or downstream of sY156 STS marker and relation between diabetes and male infertility can be elucidated.The study gives us reasons to believe that male fertility may be impaired by diabetes mellitus.

Shruthy D, Krishnan NA, Poongothai J (2015) Is Diabetic Male Fertility Associated With Y- Chromosome Microdeletion? A Pilot Study. JFIV Reprod Med Genet 3: 149

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