Toenail fungal infections and problems are usually ignored in our society. Paying attention to our feet is the last thing we do. But very few of us are aware that fungal infections are the most common cause of half of world’s nail diseases. It is important to act proactively before these infections lead to harmful consequences. Here are some of the risk factors.

Health Conditions

Different health conditions and symptoms can cause toenail fungal infection. Those who suffer with HIV, diabetes that affects the immune system are a higher risk.


Irrespective of the reason for which you wear thos long stylish boots, the lack of ventilation in them can cause the harm. Choose such a pair of boots that allow proper ventilation to your feet.

Family history

Heredity is one such strong reason that can make a person prone to toenail infections and also increase the chances of other problems.

Tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes leads to extra sweat which causes sweaty feet. This can inturn put you at higher risk of developing toenail fungal infection.

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